Finger​-​drumming with Bill Evans

by Taotekid



I recently bought myself a Roland Handsonic HPD 15,
(here's what it looks like : )
a multi-zone pad that I use as a midi controller to trigger Toontrack's Superior Drummer using my fingers (and hi-hat/bass drum pedals),
it's a lot of fun for a compulsive finger tapper like myself :D

I've been practicing my finger drumming along different solo recordings
of musicians that I admire, including Bill Evans' "Conversations With Myself" (1963) overdub album,
and I decided to have a go at a virtual drum recording session
with the 3 of him, so I did my best to age the sound of my drums
and managed to record 1 fairly good take (after several false starts,
Bill Evans is hard to keep up with :) and after a few minor timing/velocity adjustments/edits, this is the result, the tune is called "How About You ?",
I hope that you'll like it :D


released 06 May 2014



all rights reserved


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