Chris Papple Jam

by Annode & TaoTeKid :



A special track that I hope sounds like a vibrant tribute
to Frank Zappa's spirit :D

This was born out of a spontaneous trans-Atlantic cyber-collaboration :D

I live in France & Annode in the US,
I heard a track that he announced as a "Zappa-esk goof-off"
on the KVR audio forum,
(where audio plug-ins & music gear are discussed)
I thought that his track was awesome,
very fresh, inspired & inspiring & very Zappa-esque indeed :D

here's the link to Annode's post where one once could listen to
his original track, he explains what he did there :

so (without telling/asking him anything)
I decided to add/overdub some drums & percussions
(that I played on my midi drumkit)
& then some guitar (that I played on my midi keyboard :P )
& I sent the resulting mix to Annode who happened to like what I did,
I then decided to add some bass too
(which I also played on my midi keyboard)
& voilà ! :D


released August 14, 2010

Annode : My solo sound models how he (Frank Zappa :) ) will play a series of notes i'll meekly call a scale...and he'll switch instruments as those notes are played. Clearly in 'Get Whitey'

I did something similar by using 4 different layered sounds. By chance and not by my design,they have slight differences to their velocity ranges. This is giving somewhat of the effect of different instruments picking up different notes.
I have done this by design in the past and has worked out extremely well.

These 3 sounds and the 'noises' I combined just by chance. It sounded like a Zappa lead sound, so I gave it a go.
- Pettinhouse 'classical guitar'
- Pettinhouse classical guitar 'noises'
- Kalimba (marimba would be the Zappa choice)
Above in Kontakt
- Native Instruments - FM7 - MW Boost (factory preset bank)

TaoTeKid : drums & percussions, bass, guitar



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