"The Anarchist Jesus" Heathcote Williams - Radical Love¹² Samplification Mix

by Taotekid



here's my audio illustration of (the 1st chapter of) Heathcote Williams'
"The Anarchist Jesus" narrated by Alan Cox, I composed the 6 instrumental tracks of this suite using a plethora of tiny bits of music (samples), moments that I picked (with much respect & much love) in some of my favorite records during my compulsive sampling days, a phase that started when I got my 1st computer in 2000 & lasted a couple of years before I decided to do (play/sequence/record) my own thing & thus not owe anything to anyone :)

I'd love to give some of those tracks a proper release, but I would have to do it right & most of them would be absolute licensing nightmares, each track containing at the very least 2 samples from different records & most often 5 on average, so I'm just putting this here to be streamed (as opposed to downloaded) for what I hope will be YOUR enjoyment :D

you can listen to Heathcote Williams'
"The Anarchist Jesus" narrated by Alan Cox here :


AND here is "Royal Babylon" by Heathcote Williams,
an absolute MUST ! :o


Peace¹² שָׁלוֹם ܫܠܡ سَلاَم (< in Hebrew, Aramaic & Arabic) + Much Love¹²


released April 3, 2015

please do contact me if you think that this track has no business
being here because it constitutes copyright infringement,
I might be able to propose you an offer that you can't refuse ;)

& no, that is not a thinly veiled mafia-esque threat :)

seriously though, from what I gathered, the audio mix of these sources
should be considered a derivative work
(uploaded here strictly for nonprofit enjoyment purposes)
which is allowed under the "fair use" rule of the copyright law :)

but if you think otherwise, please do contact me
(before doing anything silly that you might regret) < that's a JOKE too ;)
you won't regret it ! :D




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