The Chuck D​/​Ant Marshall Midem Demo Incident

by Taotekid

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here's what happened :)

it was 10 yeas ago this was during the Reed Midem/International Music Convention in Cannes in the South of France), I wanted to give Chuck D a demo CD containing this track while he was introducing the Pharcyde who were going to perform next but were late, so I approached the stage & started making hand gestures to Chuck D telling him that this CD was for him :)

he acknowledged me & responded to me through the PA saying that he'd been given hundreds of CDs already, too many to bring back home with him, which was absolutely true, & I knew it, but still, I couldn't help feeling like I had failed but Chuck D handled my naïve but enthusiastic attempt to give him that CD with great diplomacy & kindness :D (y)

Ant Marshall (co-founder of the Institution known as "Lyricist Lounge") whom I had met previously was spinning records (he was actually in charge of overseeing, coordinating sales efforts & communication with independent record labels at the Midem Convention) and the Pharcyde were so late that he & Chuck D decided to put together a quick open mic session, which they did, but before inviting MCs in the room to line-up for an improvised show-case of sorts, Chuck D pointed at me saying :

"hey you ! come up with your CD on stage,
we have a CD player & we'll play it" :D

I was so thrilled that I might have proceeded to climb on stage
right where I was because Chuck D told me to go to the side of the stage
where there are stairs & where Ant Marshall would meet me

(Ant Marshall hadn't seen that I was the guy
with the CD that Chuck D said would be played,
he wasn't too surprised but seemed quite amused to see me ^_^ )

so I gave him the CD, he played it while Chuck D asked me what that CD was, I told him that it was an instrumental track for him, I didn't have much else to say (I was a bit stunned by the quick evolution of the situation, I didn't expect to find myself standing on stage next to Chuck D asking me questions ^_^ ) but the (unmastered demo) track sounded like a muddy mumbling rumble, so I was a bit disappointed but Chuck D was so cool & friendly that I was thrilled but the whole action anyway, AND a couple of talented local performers & friends took the stage after me, I was very happy for them too :)

it was such a great experience xD

the mixing is still quite wild but this version is somewhat mastered,
I hope you'll enjoy it as it stands anyway :)


released August 25, 2015
this track is actually based on another track
that my friend "The Crusher" & I made together in 1999 or 2000, he's the one who got me hooked when he showed me what could be done with a PC, an audio interface & a few programs, so I bought myself that equipment & started compulsively sampling all my favorite records for 2/3 years, while also recording myself playing different instruments (what sounds a bit like a flute in this track is in fact my alto sax, muffled with a pair of very warm socks :) ) & then sampling myself until gradually stopping borrowing bits of music on records & making tracks that could never be released because the sample clearing would be a licensing nightmare because of the sheer number of samples & estates involved ^_^



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